Bus menu

Bus menu




Cream of carrots - ginger with fresh parsley

3,00 EUR

White wine soup with cheese - herbal - croutons

3,50 EUR

Tomato - mozzarella with fresh basil and baguette

4,80 EUR

Mixed garden greens with tomato, cucumber, red pepper, yoghurt - herbal dressing and roasted turkey

small:  4,00 EUR

large:  7,20 EUR


Main courses


White noodles with vegetables "Provence style"

7,50 EUR

Roast pork with Sauerkraut and home made dumplings

8,50 EUR

Curry - turkey ragout with fruits, broccoli and almond rice

9,00 EUR

Roasted chicken breast with herbal sauce, carrots and rice

9,00 EUR

Meat soaked  in vinegar and stewed, served with red cabbage and dumplings

9,50 EUR

Roasted fillet with white wine sauce, romanesco and potatoes

9,50 EUR

Escalope "Vienna style" offered with vegetables and potatoes

9,50 EUR

Cheese, various sausages and ham specialties with Saxon country bread

5,80 EUR




Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce

3,00 EUR

Saxon curd cakes with mashed apples and cinnamon-sugar

4,00 EUR