Albrechtsburg Meißen

In 929 King Henry I (Heinrich) founded the first weir plant as outpost against the Sorbs. Forty years later there has been build a diocese. Its bishop settled down next to the margrave protected by the castle. He was the leader of the Christianization. After further 100 years a burgrave got the third ruler on the castle. He was the official royal commander on the empire castle of Meißen.

The early gothic Cathedral, build 1250-1400, and the late gothic Albrechtsburg, build 1471-1524, are classified as the first castle of the German building history.




After the descent into the vault and the ascent to an open fire, you can have some wine of Meißen while listening to interesting, exciting and curious stories about the first German castle.

Duration: approximately 1.5 to 2 hours

Rate: 13.00 EUR (min. 15 participants)


"Nightly castle tour"

The guests are getting guided through selected halls of the castle as well as through a secret passage and a deep well. After the guests are getting served some wine of Meißen.

Duration: approximately 2 to 2.5 hours

Rate:  13.00 EUR (min. 15 participants)


"From the basement to the roof"

This new and special tour leads the guests from the most beautiful vaults to the gigantic roof construction. Part of this tour is the exclusive insight into the ancient prison of the castle. During this tour the guests are getting served wine of Meißen and lard-bread.

Duration: approximately 2.5 hours

Rate:  16.00 EUR (min. 15 participants)



This in 1150 made up church is the oldest in town. It is supposed, that the chancel has been build before the castle has been funded.

In 1929 the church has been formed as memorial for the victims of Meißen in the First World War.   

In this churche the world?s biggest figures made out of Meißener Porcelain can be admired. These 2.50m huge figures had been created by the ancient art director of the National Porcelain- Manufactory Prof. Emil Börner.